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In the realm of handicrafts, the allure of rattan and bamboo products has transcended borders, captivating markets across continents. Vietnam stands as a formidable exporter, with its bamboo and rattan creations esteemed worldwide. Amidst its journey marked by triumphs and tribulations, the industry now experiences a renaissance, heralding a new era of prosperity.

VILATA specialized in the basketwork art, our company offers a wide range of handcrafted products for your home and office. Our products provide environmental, social and economic benefits. All our products are handmade and we are concerned about the quality of our products. Our range of products is mostly represented by kitchen utensils, home decor products, furniture items, storage bins and baskets, laundry baskets and seagrass baskets. Our main markets are USA & Canada, Europe, Japan, South Korea, South Africa, Australia & New Zealand and other countries.

A Beacon of Craftsmanship: Bamboo and Rattan Products

The saga of bamboo and rattan unfolds within the tapestry of Vietnam’s handicraft sector, a beacon of its export prowess. Once hailed as pioneers in infiltrating European and American markets, these products continue to command attention, their resurgence signaling a rejuvenation of the industry.

The Genesis of VILATA: A Paradigm Shift in Handicrafts


With the desire to bring the quintessence of art from longtime bamboo and rattan artisans to promote the profession and culture of Vietnam through these handicraft products to introduce to the world. That is the reason for the birth of our company – VILATA.

Our Mission

VILATA’s goal is to become a leading provider of handicraft products to customers around the world. Although we are a young company, our products have been exported to many developed countries around the world, such as the United States, Europe, Japan… We feel honored to contribute a small part of my efforts to promote Vietnamese culture to the world.

Our Vision 

In the era of the information technology boom, we want to take advantage of the power that information technology brings to connect information about bamboo and rattan products to customers all over the world. At the same time, we also continuously innovate more products according to the needs of the market. To do this, we will carry out the following tasks simultaneously:

Increasingly changing designs, creating more own products, not copying.
Focus on training a contingent of craft villages and businesses that are fluent in foreign languages ​​to give good advice to foreign visitors.
Understand the process of transporting goods.
Understand the procedures for exporting goods.
Strong communication of products on webs


As VILATA propels the narrative of Vietnam’s handicraft renaissance, its fervor to propagate bamboo and rattan marvels knows no bounds. With unwavering zeal and a commitment to innovation, the company embarks on a quest to adorn homes and hearts worldwide with the timeless allure of Vietnamese craftsmanship.

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– Address: No. 40 Lo O Street, Binh An Ward, Di An City, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam
– Hotline: 0974 399 971
– Email: rosie.vilata@gmail.com

Tax code: 0316355672

Email: rosie.vilata@gmail.com

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We hope that more and more bamboo and rattan products will reach consumers around the globe. We will devote all of our enthusiasm and energy to this mission.