Popular Natural Cane Webbing Mesh in Furniture Manufacturing – 2024

natural cane webbing mesh

Popular Natural Cane Webbing Mesh in Furniture Manufacturing

In interior producing field, natural cane webbing mesh is favored material due to its endurance, pliancy and natural beauty. There are many different types of natural cane webbing mesh that are used to manufacture quality and unique products. In which, hexagon rattan cane webbing, square rattan cane webbing and close rattan cane webbing are the most popular rattan mesh. Each type of rattan mesh also has specific characteristics and particular applications in furniture design. Let explore about detail of these rattan mesh through the article below:

  1. Natural Hexagon Cane Webbing Mesh:

hexagon rattan cane webbing mesh
hexagon rattan cane webbing mesh


Hexagon rattan mesh is type of mesh is woven and structured into regular hexagon shape. Rattan fibers are crisscrossed, create many small hexagon spaces, it is similar to net of honeycomb. This is traditional and popular woven mesh, is favored due to cool air movement and high aesthetic.

Each rattan fiber is processed carefully to ensure the durability and bearing resistance while remain natural color or can be color customized on a whim.


Natural hexagon rattan cane webbing mesh is normally used in manufacturing table and chair, headboard, cabinet and room divider. Especially, due to open weaving design, hexagon rattan weaving mesh is ideal to create indoor furniture that is highly breathable such as chair and room divider.

In modern furniture, natural cane webbing rattan mesh is used for making impression for furniture space, brings natural beauty and unique styles. With this design, space is airy and eco – friendly.

2. Natural Square Cane Webbing Mesh:

square rattan cane webbing mesh
square rattan cane webbing mesh


Square rattan mesh is one type of mesh that is woven into small square shape. Rattan fibers are perpendicularly woven together into strong and particular patterns. This type of rattan mesh has high bearing resistance, feature natural and modern beauty for furniture decoration.

Square rattan mesh can be customized in term of size of pattern to be suitable for any furniture design.


Square rattan is also used for manufacturing chair, table, room dividers and surface decoration. With square shape and strong structure, this square rattan mesh is suitable for most of decoration designs.

Interior furniture made from natural cane webbing mesh is not only beautiful but also pragmatic. They are often used in outdoor furniture design, which need durability and good weather resistance. In addition, square rattan cane webbing is also suitable for indoor furniture, especially the products need high aesthetic and airy.

3. Close rattan cane webbing:

close rattan cane webbing
close rattan cane webbing


Natural close rattan cane webbing is type of rattan mesh that is woven closely and strongly without letting space among rattan fibers. Rattan fibers are woven into seamless and flat surface to make close and strong net. This mesh has high durability and thickness, features safe and solid appeal for indoor furniture.

With this weaving style, close rattan cane webbing often has natural color or can be colored as customer’s requirement. Especially, close flat surface helps it have good waterproof ability and less influenced by the bad weather.


As well as two types of rattan mesh mentioned above, natural close rattan mesh has similar application such as chair, table, headboard and room dividers.


Each type of natural cane webbing mesh – from hexagon rattan mesh, square rattan mesh to close rattan mesh – also feature specific characteristics, create the variety of indoor furniture manufacturing industry. Choosing exactly suitable rattan mesh not only help to optimize space design, but also enhance aesthetic value and functions of indoor furniture.

Natural cane webbing mesh not only features natural and delicate beauty, but also help to maintain sustainable living environment. With many outstanding characteristics, these types of rattan mesh are the top choice for indoor furniture manufacturing industry, contribute to create beautiful, cozy and eco – friendly living space


At VILATA MTV LIMITED, we are proud to be prestigious and credible natural cane webbing mesh manufacturer. With years of experience in the industry, we have established a strong network of sustainable rattan plantations and skilled artisans. Our dedication to excellence helps us to obtain customer’s trust all over the world, making us the go-to source for reliable and high-quality natural cane webbing mesh. Choose VILATA for a partner that values integrity, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.

natural rattan cane webbing


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