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Introduction Natural Rattan Mesh

Rattan cane webbing mesh is an immortal, timeless and flexible material that has been used in furniture and decor for many centuries. This material that is known with flexibility, environmental friendliness and aesthetic is made from rattan tree in the tropical region.

Natural rattan mesh

What is Rattan Cane Webbing Mesh?

Rattan tree before harvested will be splited into many thin strips and then weaved into a grid -like patterns. This natural rattan mesh can be used in plenty of interior furniture including cabinetry, decorative accents, …The most popular and loved knitting style is hexagon mesh, also known as “cane lattice,” but there are many other types of knitting available like: close rattan mesh, square rattan mesh, … 

Chairs using natural rattan cane webbing designs

  • Dinning chair:

  • Sofa chair

  • Lounge Chair:

  • Cantilevers chair:


Benefits of natural rattan mesh:

  • Durability And Flexibility:

Long time ago, handicraftsmen discovered one material that was durable and flexible for many purposes. At that time, rattan fiber was woven into household items such as basket, placemat, tray, box cover, …they had been used for a long-time year after year. Despite of its lightweight and frail appearance, rattan cane webbing fiber is considerably strong and durable The Items that made from rattan can be used every day with regular frequency and be flexible enough to be shaped into various designs, making it ideal for both structural and decorative elements.

  • Sustainability:

Like other natural material, rattan mesh is one of the most sustainable one for furniture industry. Today, Customers are more and more focused on environmental issues, they reduce synthetic products and give more choices for 100% natural products like rattan cane webbing furniture.

  • Breathability:

Because rattan mesh is woven from many patterns and create into hexagonal and square holes so that Furnitures that are structures by rattan mesh are actually breathable. It is extremely perfect for some design like headboard, chair, … because they help you feel relaxed and airy.

  • Aesthetic Appeal:

The woven design of rattan cane webbing allows for excellent ventilation. This makes it an ideal material for seating and cabinet doors, where airflow is beneficial.

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