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Why Natural Woven Rattan Mesh – The Top Choice for Restaurant and Hotel

In the restaurant and hotel service industry, space and customer’s experience is always the most important element. One of the effective ways to create the impression and attract customer is using unique and eco – friendly furniture. Choosing interior not only affects to aesthetic, but also contribute to create the comforts and satisfaction of costumers. Of all the choices about materials, natural woven mesh is becoming the priority selection of many restaurants and hotels. So why natural woven rattan mesh is the best choice in this industry? Let explore in the bellowing article!

natural woven rattan mesh
natural woven rattan mesh
  1. Natural beauty and Aesthetics:

Woven rattan mesh features natural, warm and close beauty that makes restaurant and hotel’s space more unique and different. With unique pattern and color from nature, rattan cane webbing furniture has ability to strongly create visual accents, allows customers to feel to get themselves into fresh and relaxing nature space.

Rattan interior is also versatile in combination with any different decoration styles, from classic to modern or from vintage to bohemian. This help restaurant and hotel can easily adjust space stable for styles and concept that they want to aim to.

2. High quality and durability:

One of the outstanding advantages of natural woven rattan mesh furniture is good durability and bearing capability. With meticulous and strong weaving process, rattan products can withstand the large weight without breaking and deforming. This is really important in restaurant and hotel environments, where the interior always face with perpetually using and high intensity.

In addition, natural rattan cane webbing mesh has good moisture resistance and is not mold and terminated. This makes sure that rattan furniture can keep the beauty and quality in long time, help the restaurant and hotel save the cost of maintenance and fixing.

3. The comfort and convenience:

Natural rattan furniture not only feature aesthetic beauty, but also bring customers convenience and comforts. With the natural elasticity of rattan, natural rattan Furnitures such as chair, headboard or sofa have ability to support the body lightly and create the relaxing feeling.

Especially, rattan mesh is well – ventilated, help to maintain fresh and cool air, it is suitable for dinning ambience of the restaurants or garden space of hotels. These comfort and convenience contribute to create customer’s positive experience, help them more pleasure since using restaurant and hotel’s services.

4. The ability to highly customize:

Natural woven rattan mesh has ability to highly customize, can be easily regulated to be suitable for particular requirements of each space. Restaurants and hotel can easily place orders according to particular code sample, size and color that imprint separately of brand.

This ability not only help to optimize space, but also to create different and unique experiences for customers. The space that is decorated with rattan furniture will feature new – fangled and amazing feeling, help to attract and retain customers.

5. Long – term economic value:

Although natural rattan mesh furniture is more expansive than other furniture, with the durability and good bearing resistance, it is long – term economic investment. The infrequent replacement or maintenance help to save the cost for restaurant and hotel.

Besides, with natural beauty and high aesthetic, natural rattan furniture also enhances the value of many spaces, create the difference and attract customers. One gorgeous, luxurious and comfortable space will boost customer’s experience that push revenue and profit for many businesses.


With many outstanding advantages about natural beauty, good aesthetic, durability, comforts, ability to highly customize and long – term economic value, natural woven rattan mesh deserves the best choice for restaurant and hotel. Investing in rattan furniture not only create impressive space, but also contribute to improve customer’s experience and business’s reputation.

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