Rattan Cane Webbing Open Mesh – The Perfect Choice for Furniture and Home Decoration 2024

Exploring about Rattan Cane Webbing Open Mesh – The best choice for home decoration and Funiture.

What is Rattan Cane Webbing Open Mesh?

Rattan Cane Webbing Open mesh is one material woven from natural or plastic rattan fiber. This rattan mesh is popular traditional handicraft product in many cultures that is commonly used in Furniture, Decoration and Outdoor applications. Below you will find detail information about this type of rattan material.

rattan cane webbing open mesh

Two Popular Woven Mesh Styles:

Hexagon Rattan Cane Webbing:

Hexagon rattan cane webbing is one type of mesh that is woven into hexagon shape or lattice structure. This is traditional woven skill, offen used in manufacturing furniture, decoration and many other applications.

  • Hole Shape: The holes of hexagon rattan cane webbing mesh commonly are hexagon shape that create a structure similar to honeycomb. This helps the rattan have high aesthetic and makes good cool air – movement.
  • Rattan fiber: The used rattan fiber can be natural fiber or plastic fiber. Natural rattan brings us natural beauty and high durable meanwhile, plastic fiber is more durable and better withstand bad weather than natural fiber.

natural hexagon rattan cane wbebing

Square Rattan Cane Webbing

Square Rattan cane webbing is one type of material using natural fiber and plastic fiber in the shape of the square. This is one of the most popular weaving rattan mesh that is used in home decoration and furniture, household items and any other handicraft items.

  • Hole shape: This type of woven mesh creates regular square holes by weaving the rattan fiber laterally and vertically that create into chessboard – like structure. Each square hole is woven constantly, that make the balance and harmony for the products.
  • Rattan fiber: like hexagon rattan cane webbing, square rattan cane webbing is also woven from natural or plastic fiber.
    square rattan cane webbing
    square rattan cane webbing

Manufacturing Process:

  • Select raw materials: Handicraftsmen will choose all high-quality rattan fiber to process for ensuring the durability and strength.
  • Handmade weaving and machine weaving: Weaving skills can be showcased by hand or machine, depending on production scale or quality requirement.
Weaving rattan mesh by machine

Features and Advantages: 

  • Breathable: mesh structure helps the air easily circulate through this makes your space become more well – ventilated.
  • High Aesthetics: Hexagon and square weaving styles creates the harmony and aesthetics of rattan products.
  • High durability: natural rattan or plastic fiber all have good resisting – ability, helps the mesh has high durability and long – lasting.
  • Diverse applications: hexagon and square rattan mesh can be used in many different purposes from indoor to outdoor furniture and decoration or household items.


  • Furnitures and home decoration: Rattan cane webbing open mesh are often used in divider design to make the natural beauty for your home. Moreover, some furniture and home decoration use rattan mesh are rattan chair, rattan headboard, rattan cabinet.
  • Outdoor furniture and construction: rattan cane webbing open mesh can be used in garden or home yard or balcony to make spacious and eco – friendly spaces. In addition, rattan mesh commonly used in architecture work such as facade, barrier and many works that requires high durability and aesthetic.
  • Household and handicrafts items: rattan cane webbing open mesh is also used to manufacture some household items such as rattan tray, rattan basket or many different handicraft items.


Rattan cane webbing open mesh not only features natural and sophisticated beauty but also has high durability and widely applications. From furniture and home decoration to architecture work, rattan cane webbing open mesh all meet demand of aesthetics and practicality. True Choice to Buy and Maintaining will help the rattan furniture more persistent and long – lasting.

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