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Rattan core, or also called the inner core of rattan, is a natural material that is exploited from rattan palm – one type of palm tree, predominantly grow in the tropical and subtropical, especially in the Southeast Asia. This rattan palm has long and ductile body, that allows it to claim into other tall trees in the dense jungle to soak up the sun. Rattan core is the inner part of the rattan tree, after the outer shell is stripped off. This sustainable and environmentally friendly resource has many useful applications in daily life and different industrial sectors.

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Rattan Core’s prominent features help it become a universal selection in verities of fields. First of all, it is very durable and touch. Good bearing capacity makes it the best material to produce the merchandise requiring high strength such as interior and household utensils. Moreover, this material has quite good moisture resistance, which is very important in the tropical wet climate conditions.

An outstanding characteristic of rattan core is agility. The core can easily be crimped without breaking, which enables the manufacturer to create many complex and good – looking design. The natural aesthetics of rattan core is non – shippable element. Products from the core of rattan extremely bring us warm, rustic, and inviting appearance, suitable for various interior decoration styles.


RC is widely used in manufacturing interior and furniture. Items such as chair, headboard, table, basket made from rattan not only are durable but also bring us luxury, rustic and natural beauty. Particularly, rattan core products are lightweight so that they can be easily removed and installed, which is ideal for modern, convenient living spaces.

Moreover, RC is also used in manufacturing handicraft products. Some decorative items such as basket, tray, lamp made from rattan core have delicate and unique design, showing handicraftsmen ‘s ingenuity and meticulousness. The use of rattan core in these products not only creates many beautiful works of art but also contributes to environment protection, reduces harmful synthetic materials.

In fashion industry, RC finds its place in accessories such as handbags, hats, and sandals. These products not only is fashionable and eco – friendly, but also satisfies people’s demand of green and sustainable living trends.


The use of RC brings numerous environmental benefits. Rattan palms grow quickly and are harvested without harming to the forest ecosystem. Process of manufacturing rattan core wastes less energy and does not generate dangerous poison.

In summary, RC is valuable natural material with many outstanding features and diverse applications. The use of rattan core not only meets the aesthetic and practical needs of people but also contributes to environmental protection, promoting a sustainable and harmonious life with nature.




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