Square Mesh Rattan Cane Webbing to buy 2020

A Square mesh rattan product

square mesh rattan cane webbing Product description

Name: square mesh rattan cane webbing

  • Available Width: 45 – 90cm
  • Length of one roll: 50 feet (15m)
  • Available Quality: A Quality Natural, B Quality Natural
  • Or Semi-Bleached
  •  Price: by rolls or by square foot

Rattan cane webbing usually refers to rattan webbing made from Chair-cane (rattan peel\bark). Rattan webbing made from rattan core is called reed webbing.
These are elegant looking furniture materials that enhance quality. Cane webbing is made from rattan strong enough to support the weight of a sitting person and flexible enough to bend around the sharp corner of wooden frames.
They are simple to use and uniform for the production of high-value furniture in any quantity. Production of cane webbing involved a lot of labor, attention skill and craftsmanship. Every production steps require careful hand selection.


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