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Rattan cane webbing mesh/ rattan mesh is becoming more and more acquainted with people who is interested in vintage, Wabi – Sabi, Indochine design styles. With excellent durability and endurance that other product like bamboo cannot be compared with natural rattan mesh is favored and extensively used that ever. It appears in almost home and furnishing design styles and brings the breath if nature into your space. So, how does the process rattan mesh occur? The following – up will answer all the question related to producing rattan mesh!


Production steps for rattan 

Step 1: Prepare rattan fiber material

This is the first step to create rattan mesh, this is also the important step in producing rattan and bamboo Furnitures generally. The handicraftsmen will ponder to select the best rattan fibers meeting all the standards. Next, they will be dried under the sun or by dried machine, curved. Finally, each rattan fiber will be rubbed into different sized fiber.

rattan fiber


Step 2: Straighten rattan

When be cut down, rattan will have certain curliness, this makes it difficult to weave this material. Hence, we have to use strengthening machine reshape rattan fiber with intension.

Step 3: Tempt and slitter rattan fiber

Rattan fiber tempted by autoclave will be delated and pliable. Since then, it is easy to strip rattan into many fibers.

Step 4: Weaving rattan mesh:

After soaked, rattan fiber will meet the toughness standard. Each handicraftsman will undertake to weave according to position and styles. In this step, the craftsman’s hand is infinitely important because it requires toughness, meticulousness and patience.

Step 5: Complete rattan mesh:

After completing the above steps cautiously, handicraftsmen will test all the key clues at the beginning of each rattan mesh before it is launched the market. The rattan fibers that are frayed will be cut cleanly or wheezed by the heat gun.

These steps are extremely important and necessary to make sure that all the rattan products are the most sustainable and sturdy before taking them into the hands of customers.

Step 6: Packaging and Delivery:

By the time testing and ensuring the quality of products, these completely woven rattan mesh coiled into rolls to package and storage. Once receiving orders from customers, supplier will prepare and delivery merchandises to the address which is required by customers.

Here is entire process to create rattan mesh in practice that VILATA RATTAN AND BAMBOO want to share with you. We hope that this information may help to have an overview about rattan cane webbing mesh.


Feature & Specification 

Product Details
Product Name Natural Rattan cane webbing
Origin Viet Nam
Material PE
Feature Waterproof, durable, high simulation
Size 45cm/60cm/70cm/90cm X 1500cm or customized
Color Natural, bleached.
MOQ 1roll
Customized Acceptable
Payment Term T/T, L/C, PayPal, Western Union, Money Gram, Payoneer, Alibaba Trade Assurance, etc.
Sample The sample is available, and it takes around 7-10 days to process in and 5~10 days to transport.
Delivery Time About 10 – 30 days after payment

Manufacturing company in Vietnam

VILATA MTV Company Limited is one of the top companies in rattan cane webbing fields and home decor in Vietnam with a wealth of experience. We always give our whole mind to product and service quality to give customers the best experience. In recent years, VILATA has supplied thousands of products both in Vietnam and abroad. We are looking forward to even greater cooperation with overseas customers based on mutual benefits. Please feel free to contact us always have a clear visible origin and also are verified by Competent Authorities.

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