4 tips to protect bamboo and rattan furniture

2 women’s with rattan furniture

Bamboo and rattan furniture is one of the familiar furniture used in many families, especially in hot summer.

However, despite using a lot of rattan furniture, but not everyone can know how to preserve these items, here are some good ways to preserve interwoven furniture for you.

1. Disadvantages of woven bamboo and rattan furniture

We have used to use of things by rattan, you cannot identify all the weaknesses of furniture made from this material, in which those items are not made from bamboo and rattan. susceptible to termites and mold, cannot tolerate requests from the surrounding environment.

Furniture made from bamboo and rattan can not be preserved for a long time, partly due to the impact of the surrounding environment, but also partly due to the production, management, and misuse of instructions to this. state of this map crashes more quickly.

2. Bamboo and rattan security content

To preserve the bamboo and rattan furniture, firstly from the authoring mode, carefulness, proportions, products must complete the cycle without mold or damage.

Most bamboo and rattan products are very susceptible to adverse impacts from the surrounding environment, so if using these products it is best to use them in an air-conditioned or shady environment. It is cool and cool to have the right temperature so that these furniture items can be preserved for a long time.

Particularly with bamboo and rattan furniture, you absolutely should not pour water into regular products, regular water furniture on bamboo and rattan furniture will make the item quickly moldy and more coal damaged.

To preserve these items, you can completely use disinfectants to spray on bamboo and rattan furniture, which can help you get rid of mold and germs. Toxic rats on utensils, destroy cleanliness in this product.

However, when using these drugs, you should leave the item to be sprayed with the disinfectant in a cool and spacious place, as this medicine is harmful to your health, so after spraying it is also necessary. It must be sealed up after 2 days to use it.

3. How to keep bamboo and rattan products new

To keep bamboo and rattan furniture fresh and new, it is best to regularly wipe them with soft clothes, absolutely do not scrub or scratch so as not to do. the content of this application.

In addition, when using you should also limit the chemical regime spilled on these items such as ink or other chemicals, if spilled, you need to clean immediately so that these chemicals can not absorb. into interwoven furniture, if absorbed, it will be extremely difficult to erase.

In addition, to keep bamboo and rattan furniture always you can use a little rubber cloth or soft cloth with a little soapy water to clean, it is best not to use strong detergents. damage to the outer surface of the product.

One year the best bamboo and rattan items you should clean once time can use a vacuum cleaner to clean familiar spots and remember to display furniture indoors. We should not expose them to the sun or rain.

4. Clean products regularly

Cleaning with a brush: an effective way to remove dirt not only on the surface but also between the small slots of the bars. This will take a while but will keep the furniture clean for a long time. In addition, you can also use a soft brush for periodic cleaning, which will save you more time. + Soap and ammonia: Mix part ammonia with 2 parts water, add a little dishwashing liquid, you will have a solution. ideal cleaning solution.

However, before you need to prepare gloves, masks, and soft brushes.
You can also use a soft cloth to replace the brush. With the above detergent solution, your furniture will be thoroughly clean for the whole year. Natural light: The best way to clean products is sunlight, if possible you should leave the table sets. This material is regularly exposed to sunlight. This is an effective way to clean bacteria and mold at no cost.

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